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“Smoking is the past; Vaping is the future” There are many reasons to purchase your vape supplies from Vape4style, but the biggest has to be our excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff. We believe that keeping the customer happy is what keeps our business strong. We only sell 100% authentic items – no clones here as we buy directly from the manufacturer. You will always find a large selection of hardware & premium juices with us and our juices are always fresh due to the quick turnaround we experience with our inventory. Lastly, we have some of the lowest prices in the region. Our profits are based on quantity, rather than individual product sales which allows us to keep prices LOW. Purchase from Vape4style with full assurance that you are getting a quality and 100% authentic product combination!

“Glad to see you up and going. I love doing business with you!”

January 2016

About Us

Joan R Rubin,

store manager

At Vape4Style we love vaping as much as you, so we’ve made it our goal to offer you the best vaping experience possible. Nothing makes us happier than knowing we’ve given you a special product that is both affordable and stylish. Think of us as your custom vaping superstore – with more patterns, colors and style choices than anywhere else!

Our name is not just a name, it sums up who we are … vaping in style. Our company founder began vaping when it first became popular in 2013, spending excessive amounts of money on all of the necessary devices and parts. That’s where the idea was born to create an online outlet to allow people to enjoy vaping as much as he did without needing a mortgage to partake in the pastime. Before he discovered vaping, he was a heavy smoker of regular Parliament cigarettes. In 2010, he took the first step on his journey to quit smoking with logic e-cigs. Those worked, but then his life changed when he discovered vaping and realized that was the healthier option. You can start with high nicotine vaping and then wean yourself away from the addiction with lower and lower nicotine level juices. Once you are completely off, you will find yourself vaping for the coolness of it only.

Vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, it is a stylish statement. In clubs and restaurants everywhere, many people are vaping – especially with the younger crowd, it has become the “in” thing to do, like hookah. With this is mind, we offer the most stylish options available in a wide price range from the economical to high end. But whatever the price, you can rest assured that we keep style in mind for all of our product choices. And once you have your own stylish vaporizer, it’s like having your own “hookah” with you at all times.

Regular cigarettes are a thing of the past. We also hope at Vape4Style that we can offer our customers a means to succeed in becoming healthier and smoke free. Our slogan is “Smoking is the past; Vaping is the future”.


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